Boasting the Sturdiest, most professional steel cage in Europe, we are able to
adjust it to fit any size ring, from 16ft through to 22ft. The 12 ft x 4ft panels are
securely bolted together with M16 bolts to fully ensure the cage is structurally sound
throughout the performance.

Unlike most alternatives our cage is completely free standing and fits around the
outside of the ring itself and is situated on the arena floor.

We supply a full crew and transport for the structure and the experienced team will
be able to erect and dismantle the cage in roughly 15-30 minutes during the event.

With such a vital draw on your event you want the most professional type of cage
and event solution and we aim to give you the safest yet most spectacular addition
to your show

We can also design, and manufacture custom cages for any environment and to
your specifications



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