One of the primary requirements for any professional event is to have the performance lit correctly, this ensures the optimum
viewing experience for both the audience and event recording With over 20 years in the Wrestling industry we have provided both event operations staff and advice to the industry.

From simplest lighting of a community centre to top level event colour
matching we aim to give a comprehensive solution to your lighting and
rigging requirements.

Services Include :-
Initial Planning
Colour/Footage Match
Fighter Specific Lighting
Fly Rigging
Trussing Supply & Design
Full Event Lighting
Design and Implementation
Simple Ring/Entrance Way Illumination
Freestanding Lighting Rig
Moving Heads / Effects Lighting


When the two largest Wrestling in the organisations in in Japan both came to the UK for their debut
events our team was solely responsible for making the event look and feel like an entire reproduction
of their live events. Hours of footage studying and light sampling resulted in an almost exact visual
replica of their live events half way around the world.

We regularly turn simple sports halls into TV ready arenas with specific lighting designed to only
illuminate the ring and a few rows of audience, darkening out the venue walls and decor. This has
been used to great effect and can turn dull, lifeless looking footage into a vibrant epic looking show

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