For many organisations the TV rights or DVD retail effectiveness is paramount to their continued success. While most
companies are yet to embrace HDV, we have grown into full blown HD video recording and believe that it is important not only to move with the times but make today's events future proof.

We have an experienced crew that not only know their equipment
but also know wrestling and fighting arts. The video reproduction
of these events is one of the only lasting memories for the fans and
company alike and it should be captured in the best possible way.

We currently use Sony XDCam HD cameras which allow for tapeless
workflow and provide full quality High Definination footage available
for editing straight away. Recently we aquired a Redrock Depth of Field
adaptor to provide movie quality DOF and the results are astounding.


We strive to work with all organisations to provide a total solution to
their videography needs, we can provide everything from a one camera
 shoot to a full crew with live edit facilities and live screens.

If you have a vision we can design, organise, shoot, edit and manufacture
 the final product whether it is a one off promotional video, a retail DVD or TV
series. We can also design and print all matter regarding DVD and TV materials.



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