We can help and evaluation any aspect of your business, product or character and offer practical and expert advice to attain any of the goals you have set.

Our experienced team have worked
with TV stations such as the BBC, ITV,
Bravo, Sky and many leading
worldwide wrestling brands
such as TNA Wrestling, FWA,
Dragon Gate &, Pro Wrestling Noah
of Japan and more on a variety of projects.

We were drafted in to test the games
 for ITV's "Celebrity Wrestling",
Provided Props and Advice for
Ready Brek and have held full events for
two of Japan's largest wrestling companies.

We can advise individuals, groups and
companies on all aspects from PR to
Improving their performance to creating
a new look to working with new talent.

With a large amount of training
schools now populating the
country we can offer help and
advice to make your school
standout and become one of the leaders
of the industry. If your main business is
events or media production our team can
evaluation any aspect and help transform
your product into the vision you want,
regardless of budget or issues.



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